Friendship and Flowers

How do they know? They just know.

My friends have a sixth sense…a secret, superpower. It’s this uncanny ability to know when my mind is headed toward a dark corner and just what will pull be back from the depth of that dark day. Recently, I’ve been wandering down far too many dark allies and they have consistently been there to take my hand and show me my light.

My tiny home is currently scattered with gifts of yellow daises, white hydrangeas and this beautiful pink flower that I do not have a name for. These flowers sit in the bathroom, near my bed, on the book shelves and any other tiny spot I can fit them. They serve as bright, beautiful, blooming reminders of all of the love and light that surrounds me. Each different in color and fragrance, but all leaving me feeling a bit more abloom for having been in their presence. Just the same affect my  vibrant, calming, joyful friends have on my soul.


I don’t know exactly which wooded, wildflower strewn path lead me to the bouquet of people that I have had the joy of collecting , but I am so thankful for every single wandering step. Each of my exquisite people highlight a different part of my floral soul. They enhance my world in such complimentary colors . Because of them, I laugh, deep belly laughs. Because of them I am not afraid to break down and cry or wonder at the world and get angry. They always hold me accountable and sometimes, just plain hold me when what I need most is holding. They are my perfect array of breathtaking blossoms.

Each is so special. Each takes care of me in their perfect way. I am a flourishing, whole person because of all of these beautiful hands that hold me up and together. I am so glad that they have reached down and picked me from the dirty ground and decided to keep and water me. They will always be the warm, nourishing sunlight that I grow towards.


“I believe that the darkness reminds us where light can be” –I Believe, Christina Perri

What helps you find the light when you are swimming in darkness? How do your friends support you? How do you reach out to others you notice are feeling down? Tell me in the comments below or share a story here.

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