Four in the Morning

The world can be an unpredictable and uncertain. It can feel random, and with this, impersonal. The random, uncertain, and seeming impersonal moments can lead to a hardened perspective towards the other souls that walk this world. But, after another watch and listen to my all-time favorite TEDTalk I was reminded to not see the world in this hardened way, but to see t’s random moments as serendipitous gifts. Maybe instead of impersonal, the random can be a welcome surprise. A new light in a dimming world. An interesting perspective that we had never had the chance to considered before.

This story allows us to redefine what adventure looks like and how, surprisingly, you can be in the middle of an adventure before you realize it even exists. It is full of friendship and kinship and romance and humor and beauty. And it reminds me how even silly small moments can enhance the way our world looks, even…rather, especially at four in the morning.


Has art ever surprised you? Changed your mind? Made you feel? What about a TED talk? Do you have any favorites? Tell me in the comments below or share a story here.

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