PSA: Fox in the Snow Recipe!

One of my favorite places on EARTH is the wonderful Columbus pastry and coffee spot, Fox in the Snow. I am never happier than when I am sharing a blueberry pastry with a friend, sipping on a black coffee, full from my favorite egg sandwich, bathing the ample light and greenery of this chic shop. I fell in love with Fox in the Snow the first time I entered their 4th Street converted garage location. I now take every visitor to this great city to either this location or their newer German Village expansion.

I’ve made my new years resolutions here, planned festivals, given advice, been on dates, all from the wooden tables and chairs of this Columbus gem. Their coffee is delightful and their pastries are literally something worth writing home about (re: this post).

Their pastries are so delightful, that when they released their Buttermilk Biscuits with Salted Honey Butter recipe, the Columbus baking scene went NUTS. So, I wanted to spread this love to the Wo// Wa// Wild// family. So, without further ado, co-owner, Lauren Culley and the Fox and the Snow Buttermilk Biscuits:

The original buttermilk biscuit recipe from Fox in the Snow in Columbus, Ohio. Mile-high, perfectly salty, and slathered with honey butter, it’s one of the original and most iconic and pastries at the cafe. As shown by co-owner, Lauren Culley.


(And feel free to share with me once you’re done baking!)

Did you try this recipe? How did it go? Do you have other favorite coffee and pastry shops in Columbus? Have you visited Fox in the Snow? Share in the comments below or send a story here.

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