How to Upcycle Your Used Candles!

Burning candles in my house is a daily occurrence. The glow of fire flickering, the sweet smells, the soft crackle – whats not to love! I have candles scents that, the minute you start to burn, they transport you to a season or a vacation. A grapefruit scent in summer, a cinnamon scent in fall, a pine scent for winter, clean linen for spring. My uncle in France has a favorite candle scent he always burns, I have this same candle to burn when I am missing him and Paris. So, when these scents run down the wick, it is always a sad day!

It is always sad to see the candle wick die out with a half inch of scented wax still sitting in the bottom of the jar. So, I started to save these little bits of wax and jars and decided to try my hand at re-melting them into a new candle. Here’s how I did it!

First, I gathered up all of my old candles, some empty jars, some wicks and some glue.

Second, I glued the wicks (something like these) down to the bottom of some clean glass and metal jars I had lying around.

Next, I boiled water in a large pot.

Then I placed the old candles (and some extra wax) in the boiling water.

It’s melllllltingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Then, for any candles without scent, I added some essential oils – “sweet orange” scent being added here.

Now we carefully pour wax! (Here I also added flower petals – this looked super pretty when the wax was still liquid, but once solid it lost it’s luster. Bummer – let me know if you find a way to decorate the wax!)

Then we wait!

You know how we all have those adorable reusable straws to help save the planet? They work PERFECTLY for holding your wick straight up while the wax dries!

Once all of the candles dried, I cut the wicks down and placed them ALL over the house. I’ve never been happier!

I hope you have as much success as I did with this simple DIY! Please leave any stories, ideas or revelations in the comments below.

Happy crafting!

Did you try this? How did it go? Any tips or tricks for anyone interested in trying candle upcycling? Any other upcycle ideas? Tell me in the comments below or share a story here.

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Spell editing support from: Gail Winkelmann

2 thoughts on “How to Upcycle Your Used Candles!

  1. Hi Chelsie!
    I used to do this, too. It’s so fun! You did a great job, especially with the beautiful photos.

    This is the first time I’ve seen a blogger so nice that they ask for spelling edits! Incredible! Here are a couple I spotted, lol.
    “thanks in advance” (no d)
    any candles without s(c)ent
    (pour) the wax
    try my hand (at) remelting

    Also, for the flower petal problem, you could try doing a 2 stage method of sort of decoupaging the inside glass surface with the petals and a higher melting temp wax, then after it hardens, fill your candle as usual, with a lower temp melt wax, so the petals wouldn’t be dislodged. Just a guess.

    I look forward to your next post! Have a great day!

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