10 of my Favorite Things to do on The Internet during the Corona Virus

One of my favorite activities is finding the good stuff on the internet and sharing it with all of my friends! So, since I have so many new friends like you (yes, you!), I compiled my 10 favorite things on the internet that I have been returning to day after day to keep me joyful and growing during this extremely weird time. Enjoy friend!!

1. Watch Some Good News

If you haven’t heard about John Krasinski’s answer to the Corona Virus then you must be living under an internet rock. Some Good News might have been the best thing to hit the internet ever. It’s why I have it listed here at the very tippy-top! During this pandemic we have been inundated (even more than the usual amount) of scary news stories, uncertainty and a complete upheaval of our lives. Some Good News is looking to do the opposite – flood our brains with 20 minutes of all that is still good in the world. John is open and vulnerable and a bit scared of what he is doing – which makes the show all more endearing. He brilliantly highlights how humans are innately good creatures, and if just given a chance (big or small) we will step up and make the world better. There are 8 episodes on their YouTube account and the Some Good News Twitter account is active and awesome. One of my favorite episodes is The Graduation Episode. I cried, I laughed and I felt completely inspired. Thank you to John for this brilliant use of the internet.

2. Try Meditation with the Headspace App

I have used the Headspace App for close to 4 years now. I had heard so much about meditation and it’s benefits to my total well being and started the free 10 day meditation starter pack. By the end of those 10 days I was hooked – I felt the shift in my brain, my mood and my sleep. The benefits of meditation are completely backed by science, and Headspace does such a great job with courses, emergency meditations (for that high stress moment) and educating the user on how and why meditation will help them. During the pandemic, Headspace made a whole swath of meditations free to any user. Meditations such as “falling to sleep” and “dealing with stress and change.” Now is the perfect time to start a meditation practice and get yourself into your best Headspace! You can also watch Headspace Founder Andy Puddicombe’s TED Talk on why meditation is an important part of life below:

3. Learn Something New (and maybe obscure) with the Ologies Podcast

Ologies hit the scene a few years ago and MAN did it shoot right to the top of my favorite podcast list! Alie Ward is hilarious, curious and “asks smart people dumb questions” which makes for a delightful listening and learning experience. She brings to life topics like “Bats” or ” Kissing” or “Diabetes” or “Sea Turtles” in her own unique way that is endlessly pleasing. This podcast teaches about topics I would have never thought to explore and with wit, humor and a few bad words. You wouldn’t believe how many times I start a sentence with “OMG I heard on Ologies that [insert cool fact here].” Dive deep into this podcast and learn the best stories and weird facts to share for your next zoom party!

4. Take Care of Your Body with the Pelaton App

As I have mentioned before, I never really did like working out – but this app has genuinely changed my experience with working out! I have never recommended a workout more than this app. It has video workouts for any amount of time, any style (think yoga, stretching, strength, running, walking!), for any amount of equipment. I don’t own a Pelaton Bike or Tred (although someday that would be AMAZING), still this app has been a part of my daily routine for months. The instructors are knowledgable, positive and professional. They provide amazing workouts (sometimes only in 10 or 20 minutes) and they make you want to try your hardest. A few of my favorites are Becs, Anna and Rebecca which teach everything from running, yoga to HIIT. If you join the app, follow me at @ChelsieRene or join the #WoWaWild community so we can work out together! We are one pelaton!

5. Learn how to code with the Grasshopper App

I have ALWAYS wanted to code. It just seemed like something I would enjoy and I knew how much it could come in handy in this computer based world. I was always inspired by Girls Who Code and Karlie Kloss , but I never knew where to start! One day about a week into being stuck at home, Jimmy sent me the Grasshopper App and said “please start doing this and stop talking about it.” Leave it to him to find my new favorite quarantine activity! Grasshopper is so fun and so easy! It takes you through short simple levels of learning and you play games to learn new skills. These skills build on each other and then, somehow some way, YOU ARE CODING! Give it a try – you will have a hoppin’ good time.

6. Learn a new Language with Duolingo

Ok, so maybe coding isn’t your thing? What about a new language? Jimmy and I both set out on learning this way! He is learning french and I am working on picking my high school Spanish knowledge out of the stores of my brain. It is one of my favorite things to hear little french phrases coming from distant parts of the house. It makes me feel that cozy feeling of traveling right here at home.

7. Learn about life from Dad how Do I?

When I first learned of this youtube account I could have cried. It’s instructional videos from a dad for those in the world that may need a dad. Everything from “how to shave” to “how to unclog the bathtub” is up on this wholesome account. Give it a look when you need to ask “Dad, how do I…?”

7. Hear a Great Story (with or without kids) with RadioLab and RadioLab for Kids

RadioLab was my entry point into podcasts! It is known as one of the greats of podcasting and has so many stories it would take years to catch up. RadioLab hosts and producers deep dive into science, history and every day stories to really present the world in a way that makes you come out on the other side changed. Cozy into your favorite chair with a nice cup of tea and let RadioLab bring the world to you.

9. Dive into your Favorite Book with Famous Harry Potter Read Alouds

The Wizarding World website created a whole new section called Harry Potter at Home. In this section you will find their video series where they have famous actors from the Harry Potter move and theater experiences read the books, chapter by chapter. What a wonderful way to hear your favorite story in a brand new way!

10. Ask Life’s Big Quetions with Soulpancake

Saving my favorite for last! I have mentioned Soulpancake the book before, but SoulPancake is so much more than a book. It’s some of the best internet content I know of. Some of my favorite series from SoulPancake are:

  • Kid President – see life and get advice from the countries Kid President
  • My Last Days – ask people who are dying about the importance of living
  • The Science of Happiness – test out real research on love using real people and see what happens
  • Have a Little Faith – learn about different religions and religious views from people who are in those communities

I can spend HOURS in the SoulPancake universe. I have been a superfan for 10 years now, and will continue to watch what they make, because they make stuff that maters!

What on the internet has been your shining light in these dark times? What sites do you spend the most time on? How do you use the internt to grow as a human? Tell me in the comments below or share a story here.

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