Dr. Amy Acton, Ohio’s Superhero

If you know me at all you know that I am a sucker for a strong woman. Give me an intelligent, empathetic, strategic, boss babe and I am an instant fan girl. In my lifetime, I have never had a woman head of state, I have never worked for a woman CEO – much of the powerful folks in my day to day life were men. I always had to go elsewhere for leadership modeled from someone who looked an lead like me. So, you can understand why I fist pumped and gave an enthusiastic “HELL YEAH!” the first time I watched the Ohio Corona Virus briefing with our state officials and our lead doctor walked out, Dr. Amy Acton. She was direct, she was compassionate, she was smart as hell and she was one of the most persuasive and comforting voices of this entire crisis. A superhero ready made.

If you’re not in Ohio you may not have been experiencing the kind of profound leadership Ohio has had. The New York Times titled an opinion piece on Dr. Acton “The Leader We All Wished We Had.” So, because I am hoping to inspire more incredible women out there, I thought I would share this incredible Ohioan with anyone looking for a role model in these dark days.

Amy has ushered in a new era of science based decision making for the state of Ohio. Using her profound speaking skills and her deep knowledge for the medical system she helped us all understand early why we were doing what we were doing. In that same New York Times article they parse out why she is such a persuasive and trusting speaker – she talks with empathy, shes honest and direct, speaks of us all as a collective (that includes her and the governor) and uses wonderful metaphor to make complicated topics more palatable. And that sometimes science has answers, and sometimes it just has suggestions. It’s helped some people trust science again. It’s been a sight to behold.

She resonates with each and every one of us as a trusted, well knowing, friend. She even inspired hundreds of little girls to play dress up as a doctor to give the world some medical advice (watch the best video you have ever seen here). She says things like “I am not afraid, I am determined” inspiring waves of reinvigorated community spirit and individual determination. She is a bright force in these dark days.

“I am not afraid, I am determined.”

– Dr. Amy Acton

Recently, protesters started protesting her house – not the governors house, not the state house, the personal home of a woman who has been visibly in power through a crisis. It made me sick to think how she must feel – sad, alone, frustrated. But, if I know one thing about our great leader it is that this will not stop her from doing her job and doing it to the best of her ability. I know that the darkness will always try to creep in on the light, but she has spread far too much light to ever be over taken. Her voice here in Ohio will resonate for generations to come. To learn more about the many reasons why I love this great city of Columbus and the great state of Ohio visit the Columbus Guide section of the website!

As one of the many Ohioans you have been leading I want to give you a resounding and heartfelt thank you, Dr. Acton. Thank you for being a true role model of what great leadership looks like. For showing kids (both boys and girls), for me and for our community that women can be fearless leaders, can be intelligent doctors and can be strong and vulnerable humans all at once. You have changed our lives, literally, and your service will not ever be diminished or forgotten. You will forever be one of my superheros.

Dr Acton has been featured in MANY local, regional and national news articles. I have put a few of my favorites below:

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What has your leadership looked like during the Corona Virus Pandemic? Which women leaders do you get inspiration from? What has been your experience with gender in leadership? Tell me in the comments below or share a story here.

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  1. Chelsie – this is fantastic! Glad to see you are flourishing during this time and transition from what was #soproud!

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