Why I Started a Book Club on Race and Racism in America

If you are anything like me, the events over the last few days have left me breathless, deeply sad and feeling completely helpless. Who am I, a 30 year old white woman, to fix a problem like police brutality or racism in America? I felt like a tiny raindrop in a vast ocean. 

But, in the midst of these feelings a friend reminded me that even the smallest of ripples can turn into waves. And there is absolutely something I have control to change in all of this: me.  

I posted on Instagram that I would be starting to read to learn about race and racism in America and that I would be happy to make a book club if others would like to join me. The number of people who stepped up to join in on this very personal work left me feeling overwhelmed, grateful and hopeful. Hopeful because so many of us want to be better and want to see a better future for our country, our communities, for our Black friends and for ourselves. 

So, I decided, I need to do this work. I need to show up for my country, my neighbors and my friends in this way. I may not be in a position to solve the big problems, but I can start looking at my own participation in them. I can learn more about people who have had different experiences than me. I can read books and listen to podcasts and watch videos. I can grow and build that better world we all talk about. And I am so glad I can do all of that with you. Welcome to the #WoWaWildBookClub, let’s get to work. 

If you would like to join the #WoWaWildBookClub visit the Book Club section of this website to provide me with your information, see the reading schedule, and read the responses from your fellow book club members.

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