Hi! It’s me, your body, begging you to DRINK MORE WATER!

I am constantly weaving in and out of great and abysmal water drinking habits. I can sit straight up in my chair at 8 pm with the realization that I have not had a sip of water all day. I rush into the kitchen, chug a glass and vow to do better the next day. Then, at times, I have been attached at the hip to my water bottle and have been doing great for a full two weeks. It’s such a rollercoaster.

As the temperature starts to rise for the summer here in Ohio, my water habits started slipping. This is when I should be ramping up my water intake to combat the warm, long, active days, but I found myself doing a terrible job at getting myself that sweet, sweet H2O. So, this post, while I hope it is helpful to you, is really to remind myself that my body is begging for water. BOTTOMS UP!

5 ways to get water into your body!

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or really any fruit or herb! I have a small obsession with lemons – I go through 2-3 a week in water and in recipes. I love to add lemon to my water as a way to really help elevate your water drinking experience. Some of my other favorite healthy additives to water are: rosemary, basil, strawberries, cucumbers, pineapple, limes, mint. But, if drinking some good ol’ fashion lemon water doesn’t sound that great, do it for your health! Lemon water is actually a super great way to start your day, as presented by the Cleveland Clinic here. Try a water bottle infuser or even a pitcher infuser if you want to get creative with your flavored water!

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It wasn’t until spending time in Europe that I realized how much I LOVE sparkling water. They will ask you at the table if you want sparkling or flat water, and I realized there was never going to be a time when I preferred flat! I lovingly call cans of the stuff “my sparklers” and always have a spare case or bottle in the pantry. I realized that sparkling water made me feel like I was having an exciting drink (the exploding carbonation in your mouth! I mean – come on!) without any of the bad stuff that comes with a pop or beer. I love to pack a large glass bottle of the stuff for picnics and then use the bottle for flowers when I return home. You can also find cans of the stuff plain or infused with some of your favorite flavors for much cheaper than your favorite pop – and it’s so much better for you! And bonus, it mixes really well with vodka 😉

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This is a habit I have just gotten tried jump starting in my life. Keeping your water at your preferred temperature (you wouldn’t believe how many weirdos I know who like their water room temperature – I’m an ice-cold kind of gal, personally) and ready to drink will make you far more likely to drink your water when you happen upon the pitcher. So the next time you open the fridge because you’re bored, boom, drink your water. I have a Brita Pitcher in my fridge that acts as my always ready pitcher, but if you’re not a fridge gal, this is a great counter top pitcher like the one I also use!

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I have 3 water bottles I love that each have their own roles:

  1. First, I have an at-home Yeti water bottle (like this one) that I keep on top of the fridge. It’s what I carry from room to room with me to remind me to drink my water. I love this water bottle because it keeps my water ice cold for hours, is big enough to not have to visit the pitcher in the fridge over and over and it also allows for a metal straw to fit into the top, so I can sip at my leisure.
  2. Second, I have a smaller twist top metal water bottle (something like this one) that fits perfectly into my backpack. I love this one because it twists close and wont get my laptop and other items wet in my backpack, its small enough to not add a ton of extra weight and because a friend put a decal the outside of it for me that says “Paris is always a good idea” which I obviously love.
  3. Third, I have a Nalgene bottle (like this one) that I take on longer hikes or trips. I love that the lid can be used as a way to fix it to a backpack or kayak. I also love that it is a bottle I got with all of my coworkers and we have all placed stickers all over the bottles. It is very sentimental to me.

The reason I say have a water bottle(s) you love, is that A) you’ll use them more and B) you wont forget them places! I like having a few that serve a slightly different purpose. And if you are intentional about your use of water bottles, you are far less likely to need to use a plastic water bottle, saving the earth while making your body super happy!

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When it gets hot out, there is nothing better than a large slice of watermelon! Not only does it taste delicious, it is super hydrating. So many fruits and veggies that are in season in the summer time are full of water content. Fruit like strawberries, oranges, peaches, cantaloupe and veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, and cucumbers are all GREAT sources of water – and lots of other great stuff actually. If you are struggling getting all the water you need, try keeping a nice bowl of fruit on display and adding to your water intake this way! (and, back to the beginning of the post! you can infuse your water with this awesome fruit – try a water bottle infuser or even a pitcher infuser!)

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Not only do we tend to need a bit more water in the warm summer months, so do our furry friends! I keep a water bowl for Brody in our bedroom, in the kitchen and outside! You wouldn’t believe how often I see him using all three – which, when I only had one upstairs in our bedroom, he never left the room to use. So, by making the water more available I saw him start to drink a lot more. We also have a collapsible water bowl (like this one) that we take with us on long walks and bike rides. Keeping our furry family hydrated is such an important part of the summer fun. And when all else fails, get out the hose!

What are the creative ways you stay hydrated? Tell me in the comments below or share a story here.

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