Wo// Wa// Wild//

This digital space is a collection of wonderings, wanderings and every last spin through creative wildflowers. It is the humble hope of Wo// Wa// Wild// to inspire you to be curious, look around and, perhaps, even try something new by asking three questions:

What do you wonder?

Where would you wander?

What’s your wildflower?

Not unlike a true wildflower, I am never as happy as when I am unbound, bathing in light of the world, growing ever tall (uhh… metaphorically speaking). Wonder Wander Wildflower is a space to share insights and challenge perspectives. It’s a space for this community to share their creations and ask their big questions in hopes of bringing the world a bit of joy and curiosity. Every new query or quest laid out in this site is meant to inspire hope and create new, interested ways of feeling connected to one another. This space feels, to me, like the last rays of dancing daylight through a garden window. The warmth of it all fills me one fiber of my being at a time.

See, I grew up in wide open fields in a small town in Ohio and, for as long as I can remember, I have entertained myself with my very own imagination. I grew up loving to read, loving to create and loving being lost in the woods. And I think that these key bits of my childhood turned me into an adult who is insatiably curious, endlessly cultivating creativity and constantly searching for unseen sights. And now I spend each day chasing down these ideas through my friendships, through my creative endeavors, through my travels and here on Wonder Wander Wildflower.

I hope to share the weird and wonderful glow which filters my world and the worlds of the women around me here on Wonder Wander Wildflower with you. I hope that it cultivates community and that this space becomes one of open dialogue, interesting perspectives and so many powerful women. At the end of every post you will find questions. These are questions for you, my dear friend, that I ask in hopes to hear your stories, learn your advice and create new perspectives on the ideas shared. I hope you will feel empowered to share your thoughts, ideas and reflections and, of course, sharing your beautiful creations! Take my hand and join me as we search for every last ray of sunshine, tiny plucked flowers, and each brand new idea.

Skipping encouraged.

The Wonder Wander Wildflower site

(or Wo// Wa// Wild// for short)

is sorted into three sections:


Wo// What do you Wonder? Keeping an open and curious mind is a vital practice in my life. Through curious conversation, new and differing perspectives and creative challenges (often times we call these “set backs”) keeps the world interesting and new every single day. Here you will find the entire blog collection from the whole of the Wo// Wa// Wild// site, but those posts with a Wo// heading pursue an idea, thought or perspective or big question. These specific posts can be found in the Wo// Recent Posts section or by using the #Wonder hashtag. Open up your mind, it’s beautiful inside!


Wa// Where would you wander? Follow along as I answer this question for myself and seek out all of the beauty that comes with traveling! Here I will leave photos, food and visit recommendations, impressions, and things I’ve learned while in each location. I have a dedicated section to traveling to Columbus, Ohio (which I highly recommend you do). Any blog posts related to travel or adventure will include the Wa// heading and be tagged with #Wander. Onward!


Wild// What is your wildflower? Or more specifically, what do I mean when I say “wildflower” – I mean, what is that thing, the creative part of you that grows when given light. Everyone has many wildflowers growing within them. In this space I will share mine through D.I.Y., poems, recipes, photos, songs, workouts, paintings, and any other musings I can think up! This creative space is meant to open us up to new creative ideas and all blog posts will start with the Wild// heading and be tagged with #Wildflower. Grow in any direction you might desire, wildflower.

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptressadventure.”

Albus Dumbledore

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  1. The website is beautiful, and I’m excited to follow along on such a cool adventure!!

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