#WoWaWild FAQs

Weren’t you on The Bachelor?

Yes! I was one of 27 contestants from Season 18 of ABC’s The Bachelor and also made a brief appearance on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Do you talk to any of the girls from the show any more?

Absolutely! You don’t spend months of your life on a ~journey~ with 27 humans and not form deep real relationships with them. Like any group, some of these women and I formed close friendships, while others became more like old high school classmates – you think of them with fondness, like a few of their social posts and only chat on the rare occasion. I have been lucky enough to travel with some of my “sister wives,” attend weddings, have them visit me in Columbus, FaceTime regularly, and continue to support one another. I am very excited to watch our own Clare become The Bachelorette! It’s a sisterhood I am glad to be a part of!

Can love really happen on The Bachelor?

Unequivocally, yes. The circumstances are absolutely different than “real life” but the feelings, friendships and relationships are all true and, if navigated well, can stand the test of time.

You seem so… nice and intelligent? How did you end up on The Bachelor?

The actual “how” I ended up on the show is a story worth its own blog post – but, the common assumption that girls (and guys) on <i>The Bachelor</i> are drama filled airheads with low moral standards is so incredibly far from the truth. The caliber of human on this show is top notch. I’ve met women with such interesting back stories including travels and professions and hardships. These women have started their own businesses, survived traumatic life events, are professionally creative, they save people or teach people for a living, and all while unable to find a partner. Bachelor Nation is a collection of some of the more interesting people I have ever known.

Don’t you teach science?

I earned my Masters in Education from The Ohio State University in hopes to teach little humans how to become wonderful big humans (aka kindergarten), but I found a more adventurous version of this teaching career at COSI – the number one science center in the country. I started my professional life traveling the mid-west in a 4 ton, 15 foot, box truck full of science doing science shows for thousands of students a week. I was something like a mix of Bill Nye the Science Guy and Taylor Swift. It was the best job of my life. I then transitioned into leadership roles at COSI leading the educational strategic vision for close to 8 years! Science and education have always been passion points and will be interspersed throughout Wo//Wa//Wild//.

Why do you spend so much time in Paris?

One of my best friends, Rick (who also happens to be my uncle), has lived in Paris for most of my life. He is a duel American/French citizen and has been a cornerstone in my love for travel, adventure, and curiosity. I try to visit at least once a year, more if possible, and have had such a rich experience getting to live, eat and travel with him as a local guide. I will write often of my favorite place on earth, my beloved Paris.

What kind of dog is Brody?

I adopted Brody through a series of events when he was 1.5 years old. As far as I know, he is a mix of a type of terrier and a Maltese (or some other small white dog). When his hair is long he looks part mop and when it is short he looks part rat. All I know for sure is that he is 15lbs of snuggle and sass!

So, did you ever find love?

I SURE AS HECK DID!! And it’s a love that I had always dreamed of; it’s built on friendship, adventure, equality, kindness, compassion, and silliness. Jimmy and I live together with our dog, Brody, in Columbus, Ohio. I hope to share with you lessons from my MANY years of singledom, learning to love again, and maintaining a healthy and happy relationship in today’s day and age.

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