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Wo// What do you Wonder? Keeping an open and curious mind is a vital practice in my life. Through curious conversation, new and differing perspectives and creative challenges (often times we call these “set backs”) keeps the world interesting and new every single day. Here you will find the entire blog collection from the whole of the Wo// Wa// Wild// site, but those posts with a Wo// heading pursue an idea, thought or perspective or big question. These specific posts can be found in the Wo// Recent Posts section or by using the #Wonder hashtag.

Open up your mind, its beautiful inside!

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#WoWaWildBookClub – The School to Prison Pipeline and the Prison Industrial Complex

When I think about this topic I completely cringe from the inside out. We’re talking about how we have set up systems to take kiddos, babies really, and set them up for failure. It makes me sick. But it’s a problem that feels overwhelming and unsolvable by little ol’ me. I am so determined to learn more about this topic to see how I can do my part in dismantling this system and creating safe futures for all of our children. I hope you are too. Let’s get learning!


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