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My wellness journey has been complicated, multifaceted and full of hills and valleys. I have a degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University and I learned through my studies how connected the mind, the environment and the body are to one another. I learned that the state of our biology (both our physical bodies and our mental and emotional capacity) can be deeply impacted by our day to day actions. I think my first deep dive into wellness was around food. I started to connect biological science to nutritional science and it all clicked. I have since explored wellness from as many angles as I possibly can: Culture, food, physical being, meditation, tradition etc. Wellness is something I am constantly striving for progress (not perfection) and I find it to be a very creative process – trying something, trying something else, inventing new ways to be. This is why Wellness lives here in the Wildflower section of Wo// Wa// Wild//. You will be able to find all wellness posts here or by searching the tag #Wellness.

Be well, friend.

Recent Wellness Posts:


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