#WoWaWild Women

Inspiration comes from everywhere, but it especially comes from the magnetic and magnificent women that have surrounded me my whole life. I hope to have many guest bloggers here on #WoWaWild and I hope that the community of women you meet here can continue to inspire you beyond #WoWaWild. These are real women with real stories, and real wisdom.

You can get to know each of the incredible #WoWaWild Women better below.

Alyssa Manges

Instagram: @Alyssa_Ann_20

Alyssa is a 30 year old, with the energy of a 22 year old living my best life in Park City, Utah. She loves all things active and adventurous and lives her life with these ideas at the forefront. She sees herself as a wild heart and truly lives life to the fullest. She grew up with a large loving family in Ohio, where her roots reside. She believes we are on this earth to experience, see, and do as much as we can to better ourselves and our loved ones. Alyssa lives and explores in utah with her husband Matt.

Posts by Alyssa: How to Live Adventurously! (Even when you don’t have money, time or energy!)

Becky Woodruff

Teen Services Librarian

she/her or they/them

Twitter: @beckaleck13

Becky (or Becks) is a queer, nonbinary teen services librarian in Central Ohio. She is a board member of Delaware Ohio Pride and has presented locally, statewide, and nationally on LGBTQ+ issues. Becky loves to play D&D, cross stitch, read, make cocktails, and listen to podcasts. Social justice is one of her passions. She is an advocate for marginalized communities, and she is always ready and willing to listen and learn. Becky lives just outside of Columbus, Ohio with her best friend/spouse, Matt. If you’re ever looking for book or podcast recommendations, hit her up on Twitter.

Becks has been an integral part of the #WoWaWildBookClub team, learn more here: #WoWaWildBookClub

Hannah Twining

Instagram: @hannah_twining
Facebook: Hannah Elizabethh

Hannah is an informal educator and administrator currently working in the performing arts. She resides in Lakewood, OH with her roommate and her roommate’s dog, and Muppet impersonator, Sophie. You can often find Hannah and Sophie strolling the banks of Lake Erie befriending strangers, at a safe distance, and terrifying birds and squirrels alike. Hannah loves the performing arts and tries to take in a broad spectrum of shows each year. You got a tap dancing magician? She’s there. You want to see the Hip-Hop Nutcracker? She will welcome it with glad tidings of great joy. She’s also a proud aunt to her favorite humans on Earth. She loves playing and watching sports, especially when her nieces and nephews are involved and she’s most cheerful when she’s close to the water. Hannah loves live music, primarily karaoke performed by her friends and traveling with her pals to new places. She is blessed to have remarkable parents, Ray and Cynthia who made sure she experienced every branch of the creative tree. Her dad opened her eyes to the classics like Led Zeppelin, Queen and Saturday Night Live while her mom opened her heart to the classic classics like Mozart, Verdi and Rodgers & Hammerstein. She’s certainly not a writer but hopes you find a bit of encouragement in what you read. Please reach out with any questions or invitations to experience your own art.

Post by Hannah: Stay Creative! Even When it’s a Chore.

Katie Fox

MSW, LISW // Licensed Independent Social Worker

Instagram: @KatieLynn.12

Katie is in the business of growing:

Others: Her passion and first love has always been providing a sacred space for others to realize their full potential.

Plants: She has become a collector, propagator, and a green friend’s biggest fan. There’s nothing quite like nurturing a plant and checking in one day to see a new leaf unfurling.

Relationships: Her soul is soothed by the mutual baring and sharing of souls. She lives for connection, longs to give love, and is filled up by her tribe.

Personal: She loves learning about herself, testing her limits, and is constantly aiming to improve. She is always striving for betterment. It’s all about progress.

From Katie: I hope that together we can sow some seeds that will help you on your journey. Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow!

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Kelsey Ujvari

Fitness Instructor

Instagram: @KelseyUjvari
Spotify: Kelsey Ujvari

Kelsey is a Corporate Recruiter at Abercrombie & Fitch by trade, but outside of that she is so much more. Her true passion is fitness. Four times (or more) a week, you can find her teaching fitness classes at the very prestigious Columbus based gym, System of Strength. She is also a 200 hour trained yoga instructor. She enjoys writing kick-ass workouts and motivating people of all levels to have fun and get moving. She keeps her yoga and spotify playlists *super* updated on her Spotify account above. Kelsey lives in Columbus, Ohio with the love of her life, her (dog) son, Tommy. She also lives with her pretty awesome boyfriend (and brother of Chelsie), Jaren. Stay connected to Kelsey below.

Post by Kelsey: How to Have an At-Home Fitness Routine and Stick To It!

Sara Frantz

Makeup Artist
Sara Frantz Artistry

Instagram: @SaraFrantzArtistry
Instagram: @LivyLouKidKouture

Sara started her professional career as a Dental Hygienist, perfecting a steady hand, business tactics and customer service skills that would eventually come in very handy. She has always loved makeup, beauty and making women feel their best, but until she volunteered to help with makeup on a SoCal TV set, she didn’t see it as an opportunity for a career. She started doing makeup as a side hustle for years and years, but when she found permanent cosmetics, she finally put the dental tools down, and picked up the make up career full time. It was the perfect career to combine my meticulous steady hand skills from hygiene with her artistic eye and love for makeup. At 32 years old, she found her path: permanent cosmetics and professional make up.

Post by Sara: What’s the Deal with Permanent Make Up?

Brody the Dog

Assistant to the Blogger

Brody is one part dog, one part human. He has been Chelsie’s trusty side kick for 8 years now. He was adopted when he was 1.5 years old and has never looked back! You will get quite a bit of Brody content here on Wo// Wa// Wild// as he is often the highlight of any hike, trip or rainy day. Brody is 9 years old, loves car rides, boat rides and to go on adventures (especially with new smells). He currently resides in Columbus, Ohio with his mom and dad.

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